Sunday, January 29, 2012

Discovering Dalida in Paris

I've been in love before, I think? But since having seen and heard Dalida I'm completely besotted by her. She was born in Cairo to Italian parents from a musical background, and they had Dalida taking singing lessons as soon as she could burp. She came to France as an actress but found most success on stage singing. Her life was even more tragic than mine, her estranged husband shot himself, and  her last two lovers also died at their own hands. I had a lucky escape. She died of an overdose this day, May 3rd 1987. Maybe it's as well she was before my time?

These are some of the films that she appeared in.

Joseph and his brothers - with Omar Sharif
The mask of Toutankhamon
A glass and a cigarette
Stranger in paradise
Rapt au deuxième bureau
Parlez moi d'amour - (1960)
Ménage à l'Italienne - (1964)
L'inconnue de Hong Kong - with Serge Gainsbourg
The Sixth Day - (1986) - Youssef Chahine
Some of her hit songs:

Today at her magnificent grave scores of her loyal fans came to pay homage to this sadly missed beautiful woman who had the voice of an angel. My adventures thru the lens tours bring me to Montmartre and Dalida's grave almost weekly, and it is always touching to see so many people who bring flowers and keep Dalida's memory alive in their hearts and minds.

Authored Kevin:  Adventure thru Lens in Paris

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wedding Photo Shoot in Ireland

Wedding Portrait in County Armagh

I recently had a wonderful trip back to Ireland the country I love and sometimes miss since leaving it's shores in 2004. I will quickly add though that I am consoled with the beauty of Paris and the charm of it's boulevards and their multicultural and colourful inhabitants.

The purpose of my trip was to shoot the wedding of Paul and Charlene near the town of Keady surrounded by the rolling hills of Co. Armagh. The weather was unseasonably dry and pleasantly warm, which added to the happy occasion. The church was beautifully adorned with many varieties of colourful and sweet smelling flowers, aroma therapy at its best. The reception was held at the Carrickdale hotel near Newry, where we shot the group pictures in the  well maintained and manicured gardens. Charlene's dress was a full length white gown with a full flowing veil which made for some great shots in the woods next to the lake in Castleblaney. As the sun was high and bright some fill flash had to be used, but I succeeded in keeping it invisible.

The wind helped me out with some of the poses, and Charlene was a wonderful bride who really enjoyed her day.

If you go down to the woods this is what you might find. 

Written by Kevin - Paris Tour and Wedding Photographer

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Enthusiasm during Winter in Paris

Muses d'Orsay

So far this year my Paris photo tours have thankfully been attended by enthusiastic photographers, and many of them have kept in contact with me and it is very satisfying and encouraging to get such positive feedback about their newfound inspiration since taking the tour. Even though Paris has a long cold and wet winter, it is these conditions that get us thinking outside the box and of course out of our comfort zone.

The results have been impressive so far! And the people on our tours with the point and shoots have discovered that they don't need the latest equipment and a bag full of lenses to make great art. It's good to be reminded that it's our eyes that give our point of view.

Paris I love!